Tough on Nature, Gentle on Skin

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What our customers say about us

It absorbs quickly and doesn’t stay sticky. I am back on-line to order more because we leave for our Mexico trip soon. I am bringing two bottles with me. I can’t recommend this highly enough!

Amazing product that has truly changed my life. The very first time I used it was when we went to visit a local farm. I put jut one little packet on myself and my kid and – oh, miracle! – we didn’t suffer a single bite. This was absolutely incredible.

Love this! I have such sensitivity to the alcohol based products, so this is nice and moisturizing and great for my very sensitive skin.

My son has a sensitivity to sunlight and this is the only sunscreen we’ve been able to find that works for him. With proper application he doesn’t even get pink whereas with the other sunscreens we’ve tried he has wound up with severe sunburn.. at one point it was second degree blistering. We will definitely buy this product again.

Every time I’ve used this I haven’t been bit by an insect. I have gotten bit on some spots where I didn’t apply this product. There is no odor to this at all which is a huge plus. Not like getting into bed and smelling like the other kinds of spray insect repellents. The cream is not greasy, but very smooth and lightweight.

I chose a lotion because I’m not fond of alcohol based sanitizer gels. I love the feel of this lotion. A little goes a long way. There is no fragrant smell, so the men in the office use it too.

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