Rugid Outdoors, a Brand of R&R Lotion

Rugid Outdoors a brand of R&R Lotion Inc which is an American family owned small business in Scottsdale Arizona. Started in 1983 as an FDA & EPA registered manufacturer of skin care products for the outdoor worker. Over the years we have supplied out products under the brand of “Industrial Strength Products” to the Military, Police, Fire, Hospitals, Utilities, and Construction workers in the US & around the world. We are now releasing our products for the general public to experience. All of our products are unique in there own right and specially formulated to be safer and keep you outdoors longer.

Small Beginnings with Large Ideas

R&R Lotion was started in 1983 by Richard Rich Sr., developing skin care products for the industrial marketplace. Our first brand, I.C., was developed to help with contamination in working environments. After the launch of new products such as surface cleaners and other manufacturing products, R&R Lotion developed Industrial Strength Sunscreen in 1997. Making sunscreens forced us to focus on quality control and registering as a FDA Manufacture. Industrial Strength Sunscreen and Industrial Strength Insect Repellent is used by millions of outside workers including; large utilities such as Florida Power and Light and  Pacific Gas and Electric,  Oil Companies like Shell and Chevron,  Construction Companies like Clarke and Sanska and the US Armed Forces,

  • 1983


    Started by Richard Rich Sr. inventing a lotion that would not contaminate a circuit board during production processes.

  • 1985

    Purchased First Manufacturing Facility

    Started Manufacturing skin care products in our own facility.


  • 1990

    Expanding Our Offering

    Introduced surface cleaners, anti-static bottles, and other products for the electronic industry.

  • 1995

    Royal and Ancient Brand

    Manufacturing shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for country clubs throughout the world.


  • 1996

    Second Headquarters Built

    Our second home located in the heart of Scottsdale, AZ.

  • 1997


    We chose zinc oxide for our active ingredient which reflects the rays rather than absorbing them.


  • 1998

    Obtained an FDA License

    We obtained an FDA license to manufacture over the counter drugs

  • 1999

    Industrial Strength Products Launched

    Selling outdoor products for the american worker


  • 2004

    Hand Sanitizer

    Alcohol Free and in a moisturizing lotion made for nurses who have to wash and treat there hands for patients in hospitals.

  • 2015

    Insect Repellent

    In association with Merck and EMD we chose a Deet Free formula that is completely odorless.


  • 2017

    Itch and Pain Relief

    We chose to make a six in one product to relieve itching and pain associated with bites, burns, cuts, scrapes, skin irritation and poison ivy.

  • 2018

    Rugid Outdoors

    Launch of our outdoor skincare products to the general population